About Us

About Us

In 2015 we noticed that takeaway websites encouraged staying at home to get food, we wanted to change that we thought we would try and make getting a takeaway a little more healthy by encouraging getting up and walking to your local shops.

Our service is here to help you put your health first when ordering a takeaway! With HELLOTAKEAWAYS, we promote users getting out of the house in order to truly find the yummiest and most healthy local cuisines. We filter restaurants with the tastiest food and provide with you the healthiest choices at the top of the list!

Our top priority is finding you good food and we have made this even easier by creating categories to guide you, from juices to tasty treats! (Even the healthiest of us have a sweet tooth).

We take pride in offering you this unique takeaway experience and hope that this service helps you take a step closer to a healthier lifestyle whilst trying out some seriously great food!

Whether you're alone or fancy meeting a friend type in your location and get walking to find delicious food around you!

We have a small userbase and an even smaller team:

Romero Mckay


Ariane Doliery


We have a good growing amount of loyal users who value our recomendations. We only want to work with brands that have a good story and are passionate about giving their customers the very best food. For more info on advertising Email us.